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Our Bios     Founded in 2003, The Nanoethics Group is a research & education organization - not an advocacy, activist or watchdog group.  What makes us different is that, where other organizations have already made up their minds either for or against nanotechnology, or are tied to certain interests, we have no agenda other than to keep an open mind and go where analysis & common sense lead us. 
We also approach ethical and policy issues in nanotechnology from an opposite direction.  In contrast to scientists and advocates who comment on matters of philosophy, we are professional ethicists with the right business and scientific background to share insights into the discipline we know best.

Unlike industry insiders, we have no stake either way and are accountable only to reason.  Our emotional distance from the fray enables us to offer an objective eye to the debate.  In fact, we actively seek and evaluate differing opinions, knowing that a free market of ideas gives us the best chance to arrive at the right conclusion.

Finally, we want to open up the issues to the people who will be most affected by nanotechnology: the ordinary person.  Not just for technologists or academia, we want to engage the broader public now - instead of waiting for their last-minute panic and surprise that usually derails progress - by making complex issues accessible and more easily understood.
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