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The following are selected news articles, interviews, and other reports about our work.  Please click on a highlighted link below to read more.

Apr 2010
The Philosopher's Eye
   Fritz Allhoff on our new nanoethics monograph from Wiley-Blackwell

Dec 2009
Nano Magazine
   "Be All You Can Be: The Nano-Enhanced Army" (Interview with Daniel Moore)

5 Oct 2009
Institute for Religion and Peace
   Daniel Moore (co-author of our forthcoming nanoethics monograph) on human enhancement

19 Sept 2008
New Times (San Luis Obispo)
   "Armageddon It" - commentary on science experiments and risk

April 2008
Studies in Ethics, Law & Technology
   "Review of Nanoethics"

01 March 2008
More Nanoethics Anthology Reviews
   "Excellent" and "Essential reading" ratings from ZDNet (CNET) and Entrepreneur

14 January 2008
Nanotechnology Law & Business

   "Review of Nanoethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Nanotechnology"

14 November 2007
   "Unknown Health Impact of Nanotech Worries Some"

14 November 2007
Ethical Corporation
   "Governance: Nanotech Code"

30 October 2007
Business New Haven (Yale)
   "Nanotech Needs Ethical Framework"

2 October 2007
Nanotechnology Law Report
"Report: Evaluating the Case for More Regulation"

27 September 2007
New Times (San Luis Obispo)
   "Small Frontiers Carry Big Possibilities"

Summer 2007
The New Atlantis
   "In Defense of Nanoethics: A Reply to Adam Keiper"

Fall 2007
On Earth (Natural Resource Defense Council)
   "Our Silver-Coated Future"

August 2007

   "Sizing Up the Regulators"

27 July 2007
The Journal of Life Sciences
   "FDA Thinks Small"

23 July 2007
NanoEthics journal
   First issue now available free online (we are on the editorial board)

16 April 2007
Exploratorium "Small Talk" Podcast

   "A Little Ray of Sunshine: Nanotechnology’s Role in Making Cheap Solar Power"

23 March 2007
Chemistry World

   "Thinking Big about Small Stuff" - launch of NanoEthics journal

12 November 2006
Columbia Missourian

   "Brave nano world"

Autumn 2006
BBC Focus

   "How to Disappear" (On invisibility)

July 2006
Journal of Philosophy, Science & Law

   "Nano-Conceptions: A Sociological Insight of Nanotechnology Conceptions"

3 June 2006
New Scientist

   "The Problem with Invisibility Cloaks"

May 2006
Occupational Health & Safety

   "Nanotechnology Slowly Gives Up Its Secrets"

29 May 2006
Reason Magazine

   "Human Rights and Human Enhancement: Is Genetic Modification to People Moral?"

26 May 2006
The Guardian (UK)

   "Invisibility Cloaks in Sight"

1 May 2006
Chemical & Engineering News

    "Chance Of A Lifetime:...environmental, health, and safety concerns from the start"

17 April 2006
Chemical & Engineering News

   "Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture"

14 April 2006
Small Times

   "Magic Nano Shows Industry Need for Standard Terminology"

10 April 10 2006
MIT Technology Review

   "'Nano' Safety Recall"

23 January 2006

   "Group Calls for Closer Look at Nanotech Ethics, Safety Risks"

25 December 2005
Santa Barbara News Press

   "Understanding Possible Health Effects is 'Vital'"

20 November 2005
Independent on Sunday (UK)

   "Kill or cure: the smallest help must wait till we've conquered our fear of grey goo"

November 2005
Nanotechnology Now

   Interview: Possible Futures

31 October 31 2005
San Francisco Chronicle

   "Big Troubles May Lurk in Super-Tiny Tech: Nanotech Experts Say Legal, Ethical Issues Loom"

4 October 2005
Santa Barbara News-Press

   "New Group Devotes Itself to Nanoethics"

4 October 2005

   "Taiwan Focusing on Nanotechnology; How About Nanoethics?"



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