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08 Mar 2010
New Nanoethics Book Released by Wiley-Blackwell
   Collaboration between two ethicists and nanoscientist reveals unique synergies and insights

31 Aug 2009
NSF-Funded Ethics Report on Human Enhancement Released Today
   Q&A format gives an easy-to-understand introduction and outline of key issues

02 Mar 2009
Human Enhancement and Nanotechnology Conference to Convene at Western Michigan University

   March 28-29 ethics meeting to cover issues in sports, military, policy, religion, and more

15 Dec 2008
Human Enhancement and Societal Challenges Featured in NanoEthics Journal
New collection of papers helps to navigate complex maze of issues

29 Sept 2008

The Nanoethics Group to Speak at Environmental Nanotechnology Conference
Nanoparticles offer benefits but also risks to environment and health

28 April 2008
The Nanoethics Group Publishes Anthology with Springer
New volume focuses on the most urgent and near-term issues facing nanotechnology

28 April 2008
The Nanoethics Group to Speak at Discovery Institute's STEM Showcase
   Presentation to survey nanotechnology’s benefits as well as challenges

14 January 2008

The Nanoethics Group to Speak at Nanotechnology Law & Commerce Forum

   NYC event features keynote address by former Governor George Pataki

29 October 2007
The Nanoethics Group to Discuss Human Enhancement Debate at ICNT 2007
   Nov. 6 San Francisco talk examines predicted applications and growing controversy

1 October 2007
The Nanoethics Group to Speak in Yale University’s Lecture Series
   Oct. 10 talk on possible societal and ethical issues arising from nanotechnology

1 August 2007
The Nanoethics Group Publishes Major Nanoethics Anthology with John Wiley & Sons
   First-of-its-kind collection explores full range of issues, from risk to medicine to privacy and more

20 February 2007
The Nanoethics Group to Speak at Cal/EPA Nanotechnology Symposium
   March 8 event to explore health and environmental risks and regulations

8 January 2007
Nanoethics Symposium Featured in International Journal of Applied Philosophy
   First-of-its-kind collection signals growing interest in nanotechnology’s implications

30 October 2006
The Nanoethics Group to Evaluate Case for More Regulations at ICNT 2006
   Several objections to stronger laws in nanotechnology considered, incl. business interests

25 September 2006
Nanoethics Researchers Awarded $250,000 from U.S. National Science Foundation
   Three-year project to study ethics of human enhancement and nanotechnology

8 May 2006
The Nanoethics Group to Speak at Conference at Stanford University
   Two presentations to address ethics of human enhancement technologies

24 April 2006
The Nanoethics Group to Speak at Int'l Space Development Conference
   Notable speakers include Buzz Aldrin, Burt Rutan, Bill Nye, Peter Diamandis, others

6 February 2006
The Nanoethics Group to Speak at International Physics Symposium
   Lectures at Monterrey Tech to introduce students to nanotechnology

23 January 2006
Nanoethics Advisory Board Formed to Tackle Difficult Issues
   Leading experts worldwide to help guide research on nanotechnology's social impact

10 October 2005
The Nanoethics Group to Introduce Societal Issues at ICNT 2005
   Presentation kicks off week-long nanoethics symposium at international conference

3 October 2005
The Nanoethics Group Launches to Research Dangers in Nanotechnology
Emerging science compared to splitting the atom: great good and horrific consequences

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