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reviews: springer anthology




February, 2009 - BOOK REVIEW

Published in Spontaneous Generations:

"Book Review of Nanotechnology & Society: Current and Emerging Ethical Issues" by Jaipreet Virdi

(EXCERPT) "Nanotechnology & Society is the second anthology published by The Nanoethics Group and is a welcome addition to the emerging field of nanoethics...this book would make an excellent source for any introductory course in nanoethics, or at least an intriguing read for anyone wishing to indulge their curiosity about emerging issues in nanoethics and nanotechnology."


November, 2008 - BOOK REVIEW

Published in Nanotechnology Law & Business:

"Book Review of Nanotechnology & Society: Current and Emerging Ethical Issues" by
Amber Hottes, J.D.

(EXCERPT) "This book is intended for readers intrigued by the best possible paths that can be taken to focus the creation and use of nanotechnological innovations in the near future.  The anthology takes a global perspective, and includes diverse viewpoints.  In their own ways, each author tackles the issues that societies should be worried about, as well as the steps that should be taken as the development of nanotechnology progresses. For every concern raised, a solution is offered.  An optimistic outlook links the pieces, and the authors—who begin their arguments with different frames of reference—often come to the same ultimate conclusions.

...This anthology was not compiled for the science-fiction crowd, but rather intended to present near-term risks to people who care about policies in the present day.  Articles are categorized by the following topics: foundational issues, risk and regulation, industry and policy, the human condition, and global issues.

...The editors did an admirable job in limiting the contents of the anthology to only include articles that focus on the implications of nanotechnology in the near term.  The book provides the reader with a good background on different ways current nanotechnological innovations should be handled right now.  The anthology seems generally without bias, and the articles do not collude to present a single, unified path to the future.  The articles in the anthology instead analyze different potential problems, suggest many ways to optimize the path forward with regard to each, and place the onus on the reader to pull the ideas they find most persuasive into a plan of action."



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