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Summer, 2010 - BOOK REVIEW

Published in Nanotechnology Law & Business:

"Book Review of What Is Nanotechnology and Why Does It Matter?: From Science to Ethics" by
Amber Hottes, J.D.

(EXCERPT) "...the authors Fritz Allhoff, Patrick Lin, and Daniel Moore search for answers to these two questions—questions which, whether directly addressed or not, underlie all scholarly, political, and consumer protection writings on nanotechnology. In this 260 page, thirteen‐chapter book, the authors come impressively close to providing satisfying answers to these questions.

...This was a well-written and informative book that does indeed describe what nanotechnology is and why it matters, and refrains from only promoting one particular viewpoint or course of action. It presents a well‐created geography of the current state of affairs, as well as the types of societal changes nanotechnology is likely to foment. Though the authors rarely venture to instruct the readers on how things should be handled in the future, they close the book stating, “by understanding what nanotechnology is and why it matters, we can begin to exercise some forethought in developing this important emerging technology and its related policies.”



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