Report: "AI-Assisted Authorship: How to Assign Credit in Synthetic Scholarship"

30 January 2023
14 pages


This report proposes principles for determining when it is required to credit an artificial intelligence (AI) writer for its contributions to scholarly work. We begin by critiquing a policy recently published by the journal Nature, which forbids acknowledging AI writers as authors. We question the justification and breadth of this policy.

We then suggest two fundamental considerations that we think are more relevant: continuity (how substantially are the contributions of AI writers carried through to the final product?), and creditworthiness (would this kind of product typically result in academic or professional credit for a human author?). We draw upon brief reflections on the nature and value of authorship to justify these considerations.

This report provides a starting point for academics and the broader scholarly community in the emerging debate on determining when and how to credit AI writers’ contributions.

Please click here for the full report.

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