Based at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group is a non-partisan organization focused on the risk, ethical, and social impact of emerging sciences and technologies.


19 August 2016:  Patrick Lin will be speaking on the ethics of connected and autonomous systems at the European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) in Uppsala, Sweden.

17-18 Oct 2016:  We are organizing a two-day conference on cyberwarfare norms/ethics at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

The Latest News

26 September 2016
Ethics of Hacking Back: 6 Arguments from Armed Conflict to Zombies
A new policy paper on cybersecurity

23 September 2016
World Politics Review
How Far Can the U.S. Military Go to Building a Technology-Enhanced "Super Soldier"?

2 September 2016
MIT Technology Review
Top Safety Official Doesn’t Trust Automakers to Teach Ethics to Self-Driving Cars

19 July 2016
The Ethics Centre (Australia)
There's No Perfect Ethics Setting for Self-Driving Cars

11 July 2016
IEEE Spectrum
Should the Police Have Robot Suicide-Bombers?

11 July 2016
IEEE Spectrum
Tesla Autopilot Crash: Why We Should Worry About a Single Death

9 July 2016
War Is Boring
Cops’ Robo-Bomb Is the Moment When a Defensive Technology Becomes a Weapon

8 July 2016
When Can Police Use a ‘Bomb Robot’ to Kill a Suspect?

Major Publications

•   Report: Ethics of Hacking Back: 6 Arguments from Armed Conflict to Zombies, funded by the US National Science Foundation

•   Report: Autonomous Vehicles, Ethics & Law: Toward an Overlapping Consensus, with New America Foundation

•   Chapter: Why Ethics Matter for Autonomous Cars, in a Daimler and Benz Foundation book

•   Report: Enhanced Warfighters: Ethics, Risk, and Policy, funded by The Greenwall Foundation

•   Book: Robot Ethics: The Social and Ethical Implications of Robotics, with MIT Press

•   Book: What Is Nanotechnology and Why Does It Matter?: From Science to Ethics, with Wiley-Blackwell

•   Report: Ethics of Human Enhancement: 25 Questions & Answers, funded by the US National Science Foundation

•   Report: Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design, funded by the US Office of Naval Research

More publications here.

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