Based at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group is a non-partisan organization focused on the risk, ethical, and social impact of emerging sciences and technologies.


5 March 2015:   Prof. Shannon Vallor (Santa Clara University) will give a talk at Cal Poly on ethics for app makers and software designers.

The Latest News

Jan-Feb 2015
Military Review (US Army)
Ethics and the Enhanced Soldier of the Near Future

9 January 2015
New York Times
Death By Robot

Winter 2015
Canadian Military Journal
The Ethics and Operational Considerations of Personal Augmentation in Military Operations

2 December 2014
The Globe and Mail (UK)
Even Stephen Hawking Fears the Rise of Machines

19 November 2014
Associated Press
Self-Driving Cars: Safer, But What Of Their Morals

10 November 2014
Defense One
The Cyborg Medicine of Tomorrow Is Inside the Veteran of Today

10 November 2014
Yahoo! Tech
Your Car May Be Programmed to Kill You — and 9 More Fun Facts About Self-Driving Vehicles

6 October 2014
Introduction to Astronaut Bioethics

6 October 2014
New York Magazine
Drones and Everything After

Military Enhancement Report

January 2013:  We released a new report on enhancement technologies in the military. Click here for related links.

Robot Ethics Book

Jan 2012:  We published a new book with MIT Press, Robot Ethics: The Social and Ethical Implications of Robotics, the first volume of its kind. Please click here for some reviews.

Nanoethics Book

Mar 2010:  We published a new book with Wiley-Blackwell, What Is Nanotechnology and Why Does It Matter?: From Science to Ethics. Please click here for some reviews.

Human Enhancement Ethics Report

Aug 2009:  We released a new report, Ethics of Human Enhancement: 25 Questions & Answers, funded by the US National Science Foundation.

Military Robot Ethics Report

Dec 2008: We released a new report, Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design, funded by the US Office of Naval Research.

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