Based at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group is a non-partisan organization focused on the risk, ethical, and social impact of emerging sciences and technologies.


2-3 May 2019:  We are participating in the Autonomous Security Systems conference at the Univerity of Zurich.

27-28 June 2019:  We are participating in the Autonomous Vehicle Ethics: Beyond the Trolley Problem workshop in Prague.

The Latest News

15 July 2019
'Sony Research Award Program' Continues for Fourth Year

8 July 2019
Cryonics: Medicine, Or The Modern Mummy?

July 2019
The Monthly (Australia)
Mining the Moon

Summer 2019
Ethics & International Affairs
Arctic 2.0: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Develop a Frontier

June 2019
Special Journal Issue: Human Colonization of Other Worlds

24 April 2019
Radio Canada/CBC
Self-Driving Cars: Who to Save, Who to Sacrifice?

5 April 2019
MIT Technology Review
Hey Google, Sorry You Lost Your Ethics Council, So We Made One for You

20 February 2019
European Science-Media Hub
Autonomous Cars: Will Roads Be Safer If Algorithms Replace Human Drivers?

5 February 2019
The Strategy Bridge
Biotechnology and Human Augmentation: Issues for National Security Practitioners

7 January 2019
Motor Trend
What Autonomous Cars Can Teach Us About Driving

13 December 2018
It's Time to Plan for How Quantum Computing Could Go Wrong

3 December 2018
Harvard Kennedy School
The Moral Gray Space of AI Decisions

14 November 2018
Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology
An Interview with Prof. Patrick Lin

24 October 2018
Scientific American
Survey Polls the World: Should a Self-Driving Car Save Passengers, or Kids in the Road?

24 October 2018
Army Magazine
Engineering Super-Soldiers: Boost in Lethality May Come from Within

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Selected Publications

•   Book: Robot Ethics 2.0: From Autonomous Cars to Artificial Intelligence, with Oxford University Press

•   Report: UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Traffic Management: Recommendations for Seamless Integration, with WhiteFox Defense Technologies

•   Report: Ethics of Hacking Back: 6 Arguments from Armed Conflict to Zombies, funded by the US National Science Foundation

•   Report: Autonomous Vehicles, Ethics & Law: Toward an Overlapping Consensus, with New America Foundation

•   Chapter: Why Ethics Matter for Autonomous Cars, in a Daimler and Benz Foundation book

•   Report: Enhanced Warfighters: Ethics, Risk, and Policy, funded by The Greenwall Foundation

•   Book: Robot Ethics: The Social and Ethical Implications of Robotics, with MIT Press

•   Book: What Is Nanotechnology and Why Does It Matter?: From Science to Ethics, with Wiley-Blackwell

•   Report: Ethics of Human Enhancement: 25 Questions & Answers, funded by the US National Science Foundation

•   Report: Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design, funded by the US Office of Naval Research

More publications here.

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