Current Funded Projects

US National Science Foundation
Funded project on AI kitchens and robot cooks (2022-2026)

US National Science Foundation
Funded project on AI/predictive policing (2019-2023)

Our Events

23-24 May 2024
Czech Academy of Sciences, CETE-P, Prague
Organizing a second expert workshop on the ethical/social impacts of AI kitchens and robot cooks

4 April 2024
MIT Media Lab / Aurelia Institute
Co-organizing a workshop on AI ethics in outer space at the Beyond The Cradle conference

13-14 July 2023
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Organizing an expert workshop on the ethical/social impacts of AI kitchens and robot cooks

23-24 June 2022
Northwestern Univ., Center for Advanced Safety of Machine Intelligence (CASMI)
Co-organizing workshop on AI policing

18-19 June 2018
University of Iceland
Co-organizing workshop on future Arctic conflicts, incl. technological factors

1-3 August 2017
University of Iceland
Co-organizing workshop on the ethics of cyberwarfare and artificial intelligence

26-28 June 2017
International Association for Computing and Philosophy
Co-organizing IACAP's annual conference at Stanford

19 July 2016
Automated Vehicles Symposium
Half-day session on ethics and autonomous driving, in San Francisco.

11 Nov 2015
United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)
Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) side-event panel on the drivers for the weaponization of increasingly autonomous technologies, at UN Geneva

9-10 Nov 2015
United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR)
Expert meeting on AI, cyber, and autonomous cyberweapons, at UN Geneva

14-15 Sept 2015
Stanford University
Follow-up workshop on autonomous cars and ethics

5 June 2015
Stanford University
Workshop on autonomous cars and ethics

Robot Ethics Books

September 2017
Robot Ethics 2.0: From Autonomous Cars to Artificial Intelligence
A new edited volume, published by Oxford University Press

January 2012
Robot Ethics: The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics
We published a new book with MIT Press on robot ethics, the first volume of its kind. Please click here for some reviews.

AI Policing Reports

23 August 2023
A Machine Learning Evaluation Framework for Place-based Algorithmic Patrol Management
A report funded by the US National Science Foundation

30 September 2020
Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Predictive Policing: A Roadmap for Research
A report funded by the US National Science Foundation

Autonomous Vehicles Reports

August 2017
WhiteFox Defense Technologies
UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Traffic Management: Recommendations for Seamless Integration

September 2016
A New America Foundation report
Autonomous Vehicles, Ethics & Law: Toward an Overlapping Consensus

Military Robotics Report

December 2008
US Office of Naval Research-funded report
Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Design, and Ethics

Other Reports

July 2023
Evaluating Metrics for Impact Quantification
Our special report on AI impacts

30 January 2023
AI-Assisted Authorship: How to Assign Credit in Synthetic Scholarship
Our special report on AI writers

Contributed Articles and Journal Papers

11 June 2024
The TED AI Show (podcast)
Why We Can't Fix AI Bias with More AI

26 August 2023
Philosophy & Technology
Deepfake Pornography and the Ethics of Non-Veridical Representations

30 June 2023
War on the Rocks
Rise of the Machines or Just a Routine Test?

8 December 2022
Prindle Post
Driving with the Machine: Self-Driving Cars, Responsibility, and Moral Luck

22 June 2022
The Prindle Post
The Curious Case of LaMDA, the AI that Claimed to Be Sentient

24 March 2022
Public Ethics
The Ethics of Deepfake Pornography

6 January 2022
Moral Philosophy and Politics
Rule by Automation: How Automated Decision Systems Promote Freedom and Equality

2 June 2020
The Philosopher's Magazine
Winning the Battle, Losing the War (predictive policing)

23 February 2020
Ethics and Information Technology
Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Moral Equality of Combatants

Summer 2019
Ethics & International Affairs
Arctic 2.0: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Develop a Frontier

25 February 2019
Qubit (Hungary)
Interview with Patrick Lin on Autonomous Cars

20 February 2019
European Science-Media Hub
Interview with Patrick Lin about Autonomous Cars

3 December 2018
Harvard Kennedy School
The Moral Gray Space of AI Decisions

14 November 2018
Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology
An Interview with Prof. Patrick Lin

29 October 2018
Does AI Ethics Need to be More Inclusive?

15 October 2018
Would 'Deviant' Sex Robots Violate Asimov's Law of Robotics?

12 July 2018
World Economic Forum
Artificial Islands, Robo-Ships, Sleepless Soldiers. Is This the Future of the Arctic?

12 June 2018
Washington Post
When It Comes to AI and Weapons, the Tech World Needs Philosophers

23 March 2018
What the Fatal Uber Crash Doesn’t Tell Us About Self-Driving Cars

22 March 2018
IEEE Spectrum
Who's at Fault in Uber's Fatal Collision?

12 July 2017
Autonomous Navigation: How To Drive Neighborhoods Crazy

3 May 2017
American National Standards Institute
Could Driverless Cars Harm People That Human Drivers Would Not?

5 April 2017
Here's How Tesla Solves A Self-Driving Crash Dilemma

3 April 2017
Robot Cars and Fake Ethical Dilemmas

19 July 2016
The Ethics Centre (Australia)
There's No Perfect Ethics Setting for Self-Driving Cars

11 July 2016
IEEE Spectrum
Should the Police Have Robot Suicide-Bombers?

11 July 2016
IEEE Spectrum
Tesla Autopilot Crash: Why We Should Worry About a Single Death

1 July 2016
Is Tesla Responsible for the Deadly Crash on Auto-Pilot? Maybe.

25 April 2016
No, Self-Driving Cars Won't Kill the Insurance Industry

13 April 2016
Center for Values and Social Policy (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)
Killer Robots, Driverless Cars, and the Ethics of Letting Algorithms Make Morally Significant Decisions

April 2016
Costco Connection
Are We Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

1 February 2016
Relationships With Robots: Good or Bad for Humans?

January 2016
Ethics and the Future of Spying: Technology, National Security, and Intelligence Collection
I, Spy Robot: The Ethics of Robots in National Intelligence Activities

4 January 2016
Killer Robots: New Reasons to Worry About Ethics

8 December 2015
TED-Ed (animated shorts)
The Ethical Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars

2 November 2015
Washington Post
We’re Building Superhuman Robots. Will They Be Heroes, or Villains?

19 July 2015
Why Can't Google Cars Avoid Rear-End Accidents?

May 2015
Autonomous Driving (Daimler and Benz Foundation's book)
Chapter 4: Why Ethics Matters for Autonomous Cars

20 April 2015
The Atlantic
Do Killer Robots Violate Human Rights?

16 April 2015
Testimony at Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) at UN Geneva on lethal autononomus weapons systems (LAWS)
The Right to Life and the Martens Clause

18 August 2014
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Don't Fear the Robot Car Bomb

18 August 2014
Here’s a Terrible Idea: Robot Cars With Adjustable Ethics Settings

28 July 2014
What Google Cars Can Learn From Killer Robots

6 May 2014
The Robot Car of Tomorrow Might Just Be Programmed to Hit You

3 February 2014
Inside Google's Mysterious Ethics Board

22 January 2014
The Atlantic
What If Your Autonomous Car Keeps Routing You Past Krispy Kreme?

11 December 2013
Microsoft France's Digital Perspectives
Technologies Don't Always Address the Causes of Problems

8 October 2013
The Atlantic
The Ethics of Autonomous Cars

30 July 2013
The Ethics of Saving Lives With Autonomous Cars Are Far Murkier Than You Think

15 April 2013
The Atlantic
Pain Rays and Robot Swarms: The Radical New War Games the DOD Plays

16 Feb 2012
The Big Robot Questions

15 Dec 2011
The Atlantic
Drone-Ethics Briefing: What a Leading Robot Expert Told the CIA

December 2010
Journal of Military Ethics
Military 2.0: Ethical Blowback from Emerging Technologies

22 June 2009
Forbes (special AI report)
The Ethical War Machine

Other Links

30 May 2024
Center for Environmental and Technology Ethics—Prague
AI Kitchens & Robot Cooks Workshop: Report and Photos

4 March 2024
MAD Digest
Chefs, Spheres, and The Coming Robot Revolution

30 November 2023
TU Munich, IEAI
Reflections on AI: Q&A with Prof. Patrick Lin

25 November 2023
Navigating the Ethical Landscape of Data-Driven Policing: A New Framework Emerges

22 November 2023
Wired (Czech Republic)
Robots Will Probably Get Their Rights

Fall 2023
Cal Poly Magazine
Predicting Crime

28 August 2023
Northwestern University
Ethical Framework Aims to Reduce Bias in Data-Driven Policing

21 August 2023
The Spoon
I Attended a Workshop on the Impact of AI on The Food World. Here’s What We Discussed

3 July 2023
The Spoon
Researchers at Cal Poly Are Studying The Social Impact of AI & Robotics on the World of Food

17 May 2023
Popular Science
Trump Shares AI-Altered Fake Clip of Anderson Cooper

24 April 2023
Inside Edition
NYPD Announces the Addition of Security Robots and Robo-Dogs to Its Force, Testing the Ethics of Policing
How Fearful Should We Be of Robot Police? (video)

9 April 2023
Brain in a Vat (podcast)
Dystopian Technology

6 March 2023
Daily Nous
COPE: AI Tools Aren’t Authors. Philosophers: Not So Fast

2 February 2023
SLO New Times
Artificial Intelligence: The Way Students Complete Assignments Could Change With New Software That Can Do Their Work For Them

12 December 2022
Real-World RoboCop: The Ethics of Using Robots to Apply Lethal Force

3 October 2022
Cal Poly Gets Funds to Study Ethics of Robotic Cooking

3 October 2022
Cal Poly
Cal Poly Wins $700,000 Federal Grant to Study the Social Impacts of AI Kitchens and Robot Cooks

15 July 2022
Northwestern University
CASMI Hosts Workshop on Data-Driven Policing

7 July 2022
United Nations, Office of Disarmament Affairs
Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Education: 10th Biennial Report of the Secretary General

1 July 2022
AI Made These Stunning Images. Here's Why Experts Are Worried

4 April 2022
MIT Press
A Reading List for National Robotics Week

19 March 2022
Which Car? (Australia)
The Autonomy Dilemma: Are We Ready for Self-Driving?

Fall 2021
Cal Poly Magazine
Sleepwalking Into Our Future

22 September 2021
Psychology Today
Stanford Releases Report on the Current State of AI

31 May 2021
MedCity News
FDA Faces Big Questions As It Takes a Closer Look at AI Regulations

23 April 2021
Cars of the Future
Ethics in Self-Driving: The Trolley Problem Strikes Back

29 March 2021
Tech The Lead
NYPD Latest Digidogs Robot Program Raises Serious Concerns

18 March 2021
A New York Lawmaker Wants to Ban Police Use of Armed Robots
Also requoted here and here.

20 Sept 2020
When AI in Healthcare Goes Wrong, Who Is Responsible?

18 May 2020
The Coming Nuclear Menace: Hypersonic Missiles

April 2020
The Cyber Society (podcast)
Advanced Technology And Its Integration With Our Way Of Life #1 – with Stephen Wu And Keith Abney

3 April 2020
Center for a New American Security
Dr. Patrick Lin Joins the CNAS Task Force on Artificial Intelligence and National Security

31 March 2020
Christian Science Monitor
Hypersonic Missiles May Be Unstoppable. Is Society Ready?

February 2020
La Recherche (France)
Autonomous Car Defeats Utilitarianism

22 January 2020
Cal Poly News
Cal Poly Philosophy Professor Awarded Grant to Study Predictive Policing

13 November 2019
Carnegie Council
AI in the Arctic: Future Opportunities & Ethical Concerns

28 October 2019
Christian Science Monitor
As AI Joins Battlefield, Pentagon Seeks Ethicist

14 October 2019
Wall Street Journal
The Worlds That AI Might Create

9 September 2019
Technology Ethics in Central Europe: A New Hope in Prague

4 September 2019
Defense Systems
The Pentagon Is Looking for an AI Ethicist

25 July 2019
KCBX Radio
Artificial Intelligence: Will It Save Us, or Destroy Us?

15 July 2019
'Sony Research Award Program' Continues for Fourth Year

27 June 2019
Interesting Engineering
Are We Programming Killer Cars? The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

27 June 2019
Czech Academy of Sciences
Experts Advise on the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

24 April 2019
Radio Canada/CBC
Self-Driving Cars: Who to Save, Who to Sacrifice?

5 April 2019
MIT Technology Review
Hey Google, Sorry You Lost Your Ethics Council, So We Made One for You

20 March 2019
Automotive IQ
The Only Way is Ethics for Self-Driving Cars

20 February 2019
European Science-Media Hub
Autonomous Cars: Will Roads Be Safer If Algorithms Replace Human Drivers?

7 January 2019
Motor Trend
What Autonomous Cars Can Teach Us About Driving

3 January 2019
This Is Not A Pipe Podcast
Robot Ethics 2.0: Interview with Ryan Jenkins and Keith Abney

1 January 2019
MIT Media Lab, City Science
A Future-Forward Proposal for a System of Streets and Autonomous Vehicles

13 December 2018
It's Time to Plan for How Quantum Computing Could Go Wrong

28 October 2018
Les Echos (France)
Autonomous Cars: Moral Choices Vary by Country

24 October 2018
Scientific American
Survey Polls the World: Should a Self-Driving Car Save Passengers, or Kids in the Road?

24 October 2018
The Verge
Global Preferences for Who to Save in Self-Driving Car Crashes Revealed

24 October 2018
PBS News Hour
In a Crash, Should Self-Driving Cars Save Passengers or Pedestrians? 2 Million People Weigh In

19 October 2018
World Economic Forum
What Pandora's Box tells us about AI

17 October 2018
We Need to Work Harder to Make Software Engineering More Ethical

15 October 2018
Project Syndicate
An AI Wake-Up Call From Ancient Greece

8 October 2018
Would a BDSM Sex Robot Violate Asimov's First Law of Robotics?

31 August 2018
International Journal of Law and Information Technology
Robot Ethics 2.0: Book Review

2 July 2018
United Nations, Office of Disarmament Affairs
Eighth Biennial Report of the Secretary-General on Disarmament and Non-proliferation Education

July 2018
National Academy of Engineering
Autonomy on Land and Sea and in the Air and Space

May 2018
Forward Motion: Q&A with Prof. Patrick Lin

21 April 2018
Huffington Post (France)
Westworld, season 2: How Far Can You Go With a Sex Robot Without Becoming Inhumane?

9 April 2018
Al Jazeera
Should We Be Worried About 'Killer Robots'?

April 2018
Smithsonian Magazine
What Will Our Society Look Like When Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere?

3 April 2018
Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Germany)
Sex at the Push of a Button

23 March 2018
San Diego Union-Tribune
Ethical Concerns Part of Driverless Car Issues

5 March 2018
USA Today
A Robot Is Now Flipping Fast-Food Burgers; Is This the End to the Short-Order Cook?

11 February 2018
Philosophers Are Building Ethical Algorithms to Help Control Self-Driving Cars

22 January 2018
Someday You Could Get Sued for Sexually Harassing Your Robot Employees

10 January 2018
Future of Life
AI Should Provide a Shared Benefit for as Many People as Possible

9 January 2018
McClatchy DC Bureau
Want Guns? Drugs? Self-Driving Cars May Become the Perfect Delivery Vehicle

27 December 2017
Future of Life
Research for Beneficial Artificial Intelligence

30 November 2017
Future of Life
When Should Machines Make Decisions?

21 November 2017
Detroit Free Press
Morality, Ethics of a Self-Driving Car: Who Decides Who Lives, Dies?

16 November 2017
The Daily Tar Heel
Driverless Cars Make Driving Easier and Ethical Decision-Making Harder

10 November 2017
Artificial Intelligence Focus of Forum For EconAlliance

8 November 2017
New Scientist
Letting Robots Kill Without Human Supervision Could Save Lives

31 October 2017
The Indypendent
When Vehicles are Automated, What Happens to their Drivers?

25 October 2017
Powerful Lobby Group Wants to Keep AI Unregulated

4 October 2017
Why We'll Eventually Want Our Robots to Deceive Us

4 October 2017
Project Ploughshares
Autonomous Kalashnikovs?

21 September 2017
Future of Life
Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge to Keep It Safe

4 August 2017
Huffington Post
Can AI Remain Safe As Companies Race To Develop It?

4 August 2017
What Are The Ethical Implications Of Having Sex With Robots?

28 July 2017
The Ringer
The Future of Police Robots Began Last Year—Where Is It Now?

25 July 2017
Future of Life
Safe Artificial Intelligence May Start with Collaboration

22 July 2017
PC Magazine
Are Autonomous Vehicle Tests a Public Hazard?

17 July 2017
How Worried Should You Be About the AK-47 Company’s New Killer Robots?

5 July 2017
The Robot Sex Doll Revolution May Have Some Big Downsides, Experts Warn

5 July 2017
Digital Trends
New Report Explores the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Sex Robots

5 July 2017
The Guardian (UK)
Sex Robots Promise 'Revolutionary' Service But Also Risks, Says Study

5 July 2017
The Telegraph (UK)
Sex Robots On Way for Elderly and Lonely...But Pleasure-Bots Have a Dark Side, Warn Experts

5 July 2017
Wired (Germany)
How Sex Robots Seduce Us

5 July 2017
De Morgen (Germany)
Beware of Sex Robots

5 July 2017
Business Insider
A New Report Showed All The Different Ways That Sex Robots Could Be Used In Society

5 July 2017
The Telegraph (UK)
Sex Robots On Way for Elderly and Lonely...But Pleasure-Bots Have a Dark Side, Warn Experts

5 July 2017
Study Says a Revolution in the Sex Robot Industry Is On The Way, Warns of Potential Dangers

5 July 2017
Futurezone (Austria)
Sex Robots Can Help, But Also Contain Risks

5 July 2017
Kronen Zeitung (Austria)
Rise of the Sex Robots: Revolution or Danger?

5 July 2017
El Espectador (Columbia)
Sex Robots for the Near Future

5 July 2017
La Vanguardia (Spain)
Using Sex Robots Has Risks, Study Shows

5 July 2017
Uno (Argentina)
They Warned of the Risks of Lying Down with the "Revolutionary" Sex Robots

5 July 2017
La Repubblica (Italy)
The Invasion of "Sex Robots" Is Close, but We Are Not Yet Ready

5 July 2017
Lad Bible
Sex Robots Present Moral And Ethical Issues, Says New Report

7 May 2017
German Press Agency (DPA)
When Driving Computers Decide About Life and Death

3 May 2017
American National Standards Institute
Could Driverless Cars Harm People That Human Drivers Would Not?

26 April 2017
Designing a Moral Machine

13 April 2017
Future of Life
Interview on Asilomar AI Meetings and Principles

31 March 2017
Future of Life
Law and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

23 March 2017
Huffington Post
Can We Properly Prepare for the Risks of Superintelligent AI?

21 March 2017
The Latest Futuristic Sex Doll Is Teaching Men All the Wrong Things About Consent

2 February 2017
These 23 Principles Could Help Us Avoid an AI Apocalypse

1 February 2017
Alexa Is America's Favorite Teddy Bear for Adults

26 January 2017
CNN Tech
Killing the Immortal: Why Scientists Are Debating the Life Span of Robots

4 January 2017
New Scientist
Give Your Car a Conscience: Why Driverless Cars Need Morals

3 January 2017
4 Reasons Why Driverless Cars Aren’t Everywhere Yet

29 December 2016
Business Insider
Self-Driving Cars Are Already Deciding Who to Kill

27 December 2016
If a Self-Driving Car Kills a Pedestrian, Who Is at Fault?

23 December 2016
The City of the Future According to Elon Musk

18 December 2016
What Our Violent Obsession With Sex Robots Reveals About Us

24 October 2016
RAND Corporation
Report: The Moral Component of Cross-Domain Conflict

23 October 2016
Big Questions Online
Can Machines Become Moral?

18 October 2016
Should a Driverless Car Kill the Kid or the Retiree?

4 October 2016
Fast Company
Robots Are Developing Feelings. Will They Ever Become "People"?

3 October 2016
Robot Rape in ‘Westworld’ Unsettlingly Mirrors Society

3 October 2016
KQED Radio (NPR)
How Safe Is Safe Enough for a Self-Driving Car?

Fall 2016
Cal Poly Magazine
Before We Go Any Further...

30 September 2016
Fast Company
The Creators Of HBO's Westworld Talk AI, Sentience, And Our Surveillance State

26 September 2016
Silicon Angle
Anarchy on the Internet: Can AI Be Judge and Jury for Online Content?

2 September 2016
MIT Technology Review
Top Safety Official Doesn’t Trust Automakers to Teach Ethics to Self-Driving Cars

26 July 2016
Inside Unmanned Systems
Future Safety of Autonomous Vehicles Highlighted at Conference

21 July 2016
Government Technology
Tesla CEO Sets Sights on Self-Driving Public Transit

13 July 2016
The Ethics of Using 'Bomb Robots' as Killing Machines

11 July 2016
After Bomb Robot in Dallas, Expert Wants Taser-Wielding Robot in Every Police Car

9 July 2016
War Is Boring
Cops’ Robo-Bomb Is the Moment When a Defensive Technology Becomes a Weapon

8 July 2016
When Can Police Use a ‘Bomb Robot’ to Kill a Suspect?

8 July 2016
The Daily Beast
Cops Kill With a Robot for the 1st Time

4 July 2016
DZone / IoT Zone
Thought Experiment: The Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

1 July 2016
US National Science Foundation
Researcher Ethicist Q&A: 5 Considerations for a Transforming Society

1 July 2016
Atlantico (France)
Tesla Motors Questioned After a Fatal Accident with a Self-Driving Car

30 June 2016
NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

25 June 2016
The Economist
Ethics and AI: Frankenstein's Paperclips

23 June 2016
Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed to Kill You—Deal With It

23 June 2016
Why Self-Driving Cars Will Favor The Lives Of Passengers Over Pedestrians

23 June 2016
Kill the Pedestrian or the Passenger? The Complicated Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

13 June 2016
ABA Journal (American Bar Association)
If a Self-Driving Car Equipped with an AI-Driven Conscience Gets in an Accident, Who's Liable?

9 June 2016
Self-Driving Cars Will Teach Themselves to Save Lives — But Also Take Them

8 June 2016
Modern Variations on the 'Trolley Problem' Meme

30 May 2016
WOSU radio (Ohio State University)
Training Driverless Cars To Be Ethical

28 May 2016
PBS NewsHour
How Will Driverless Cars Make Life-or-Death Decisions?

3 April 2016
Can We Trust Robots to Make Moral Decisions?

26 March 2016
Der Standard (Austria)
Robo-Boss: Robots Commanding People Soon?

February 2016
SXSW Magazine
For Driverless Cars, Solving for "X" Means Explaining "Why?"

21 December 2015
Slaw (Canada)
Can a Self-Driving Car Really React in an Accident?

17 December 2015
Fast Company
In An Accident, Who Will A Driverless Car Be Programmed To Kill?

15 December 2015
MIT Technology Review
What Will It Take to Build a Virtuous AI?

14 December 2015
Illustrating The Ethical Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars

18 November 2015
Automotive IT News
Self-Driving Cars: Don’t Forget the Human Factors

17 November 2015
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)
Artificial Intelligence: Uncertain Train-Switch Operators

17 November 2015
Geek (Mexico)
Robot Cars in a Moral Crossroad

15 November 2015
Andreesen Horowitz (a16z) podcast
Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Space of Possible Minds’

11 November 2015
National Public Radio (NPR)
Google's Traffic Stop: A Crash Course in Self Driving Concerns

7 November 2015
National Public Radio (NPR)
The Ethics Behind Driverless Cars

28 October 2015
Washington Post
What If Your Self-Driving Car Decides One Death Is Better Than Two — And That One Is You?

27 October 2015
TV2 (Denmark)
Dilemma: Who Should a Driverless Car Select to Kill?

23 October 2015
Frankfurter Allgemeine (Germany)
Terrible Perfect Warrior

21 October 2015
America's Drone Strike Program Needs a Low-Tech Fix

11 October 2015
Stanford Professor Advises Autonomous Cars (And Their Designers) To Think More

9 October 2015
The Atlantic
Would You Pull the Trolley Switch? Does it Matter?

7 October 2015
Bloomberg Business
A Stanford Professor's Quest to Fix Driverless Cars' Major Flaw

7 October 2015
The Biggest Challenge for Driverless Cars: Getting Rid of the Drivers

8 September 2015
Audi Urban Future Initiative
Autonomous Driving Raises Ethical Issues

August 2015
Communications of the ACM
The Moral Challenges of Driverless Cars

28 August 2015
Telepolis (Germany)
Asimov's Rules for the Asphalt Jungle

19 August 2015
Defense One
Predator Maker Is Flying Spy Missions For the Pentagon

19 August 2015
San Francisco Chronicle
‘Machines of Loving Grace,’ by John Markoff

4 August 2015
Stanford Expert Says AI Probably Won't Kill Us All

3 August 2015
MIT Technology Review
Military Robots: Armed, but How Dangerous?

31 July 2015
The Guardian (UK)
A Ban on Autonomous Weapons is Easier Said Than Done

29 July 2015
Why the Argument Against a Ban on Autonomous Killer Robots Falls Flat

29 July 2015
MIT Technology Review
How to Help Self-Driving Cars Make Ethical Decisions

22 July 2015
Defense One
In The War of 2050, The Robots Call The Shots

14 July 2015
New York Times
Our Drone War Burnout

24 June 2015
Should a Driverless Car Decide Who Lives or Dies?

22 June 2015
The Hurdles Facing Autonomous Vehicles

18 June 2015
International Business Times (UK)
You or the Pedestrian: Ethics of Autonomous Cars Making Emergency Decisions to Save Lives

6 June 2015
PC World
Google Reveals Its Self-Driving Car Accident Record

26 May 2015
Meanwhile in the Future: What If We Banned All Weapons?

24 April 2015
The Conversation
Battle Lines Drawn Around the Legality of ‘Killer Robots’

23 April 2015
San Francisco Chronicle
Rise of Robotic Killing Machines Has a Cautious World Talking

27 March 2015
A.I. Pilots Are Not The Solution To Preventing Airline Disasters

24 March 2015
The Daily Dot
Tesla's Robot Cars Are Nice, But We Should Still Be Allowed to Drive

18 March 2015
Canadian Government Executive
Are We Ready For Robots?

13 March 2015
TechRadar Pro
Automated Cars and AI: Reasons Why the Tech Industry Must Consider Ethics

2 March 2015
IEEE Spectrum
Will You Need a New License to Operate a Self-Driving Car?

1 March 2015
Financial Times
Driverless Cars Must Learn to Take Ethical Route

23 February 2015
IEEE Spectrum
How Much Training Do You Need to Be a Robocar Test Driver? It Depends On Whom You Work For

21 February 2015
The Times (UK)
Philosopher Helps Teach Morality to Driverless Cars

17 February 2015
Folha (Brazil)
Legal and Ethical Issues Intrigue Creators of Autonomous Cars

10 February 2015
The Daily Dot
Who Do You Blame When a Driverless Car Crashes?

9 January 2015
New York Times
Death By Robot

16 December 2014
12 Reasons Robots Will Always Have An Advantage Over Humans

2 December 2014
The Globe and Mail (UK)
Even Stephen Hawking Fears the Rise of Machines

19 November 2014
Associated Press
Self-Driving Cars: Safer, But What Of Their Morals

10 November 2014
Defense One
The Cyborg Medicine of Tomorrow Is Inside the Veteran of Today

10 November 2014
Yahoo! Tech
Your Car May Be Programmed to Kill You — and 9 More Fun Facts About Self-Driving Vehicles

5 November 2014
Truck News
Navigating the Roadblocks (for Self-Driving Trucks)

14 October 2014
Les Echos (France)
What Legal Status for Robots?

20 October 2014
The Telegraph (UK)
The Real Cyborgs

6 October 2014
New York Magazine
Drones and Everything After

22 September 2014
Discover (Romania)
Can We Trust Robots?

22 September 2014
Slate (France)
Intelligent Robots Will Not Save Us

16 September 2014
10 Horrifying Technologies That Should Never Be Allowed To Exist

13 September 2014
Sydney Morning Herald
When a Robot Takes the Wheel, Who's In Charge?

11 September 2014
Medium / War Is Boring
Why Terrorists Probably Won’t Hijack Google’s Driverless Cars

5 September 2014
Brookings Institution
Our Cyborg Future: Law and Policy Implications

27 August 2014
The Moral Dilemma Presented by Driverless Cars

26 August 2014
The Next Web
Machines Are Taking Control of the World, So Why Stop Them?

24 August 2014
The Conversation
Self-Driving Cars Need ‘Adjustable Ethics’ Set by Owners

22 August 2014
PC Magazine
Who Should Be the Self-Driving Car's Moral Compass?

14 August 2014
Big Think
An Ethics Meter Next to the Odometer? Not a Good Idea For Robot Cars.

7 July 2014
The Driverless Car Tipping Point Is Coming Soon

1 July 2014
Wall Street Journal
Facebook Experiment Tests Ethics of Manipulating Emotion

July 2014
Evaluation Engineering
Beware Autonomous Machines Making Decisions

30 June 2014
Wall Street Journal
Facebook Furor Is Overblown, Says Cal Poly Ethicist

24 June 2014
Paris Tech Review
Can Military Robots Adopt Ethical Standards?

22 June 2014
TagesWoche (Switzerland)
Big Data on Wheels

6 June 2014
How to Make Driverless Cars Behave

30 May 2014
National Post (Canada)
If The Only Way Out of Traffic Is a Robo-Car that May Murder Me, Fine

28 May 2014
The Guardian (UK)
Self-Driving Cars Face a Long and Winding Road to Success

21 May 2014
For Good or Bad, Intelligent, Swarming Nanobots Are the Next Frontier of Drones

20 May 2014
Popular Science
Robots Are Strong: The Sci-Fi Myth of Robotic Competence

14 May 2014
No, Driverless Cars Won’t “Choose” to Kill You

13 May 2014
Huffington Post (UK)
Should Robot Cars Be Programmed To Kill You If It Will Save More Lives?

13 May 2014
Die Zeit (German)
If Software Determines Life and Death

12 May 2014
Should Your Driverless Car Kill You to Save Two Other People?

12 May 2014
Applied Philosophy: Who Do We Program This Car To Hit?

12 May 2014
La Repubblica (Italy)
Auto-Drone and Accidents. Who Lives and Who Dies?

10 May 2014
Popular Science
The Mathematics Of Murder: Should A Robot Sacrifice Your Life To Save Two?

29 April 2014
Newsweek Japan
Cover Story: Future and Humanoid Robots

2 April 2014
Mustang Daily (Cal Poly)
Cal Poly Group Questions Robot Ethics, Before It's Too Late

4 March 2014
Robotic Business Review
Global Hawk Drone Replaces U-2 Spy Plane: Here Comes Automated Warfare

18 February 2014
Wall Street Journal
Robots Are About to Have Their 'Watson' Moment

29 January 2014
The American Interest
Self-Driving Cars: An Advertiser’s Dream

27 January 2014
More on DeepMind (and Google's Ethics Board)

December 2013
IEEE Robotics & Automation
What Is Robot Ethics?

19 December 2013
National Research Council
Emerging and Readily Available Technologies and National Security — A Framework for Addressing Ethical, Legal, and Societal Issues

17 December 2013
The Verge
Google's Robotics Program Has Legs, But Where Is It Going?

14 December 2013
Les Échos (France)
Google Car: The Problem is the Human!

3 December 2013
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
I, For One, Welcome Our New Car-Driving Robot Overlords

21 November 2013
Popular Science
Why You Still Can't Sell Me A [Robot] Car

2 November 2013
Washington Post
Automated Cars Rumble Toward the Starting Line

November 2013
Communications of the ACM
Legal Issues with Robots

14 October 2013
Making Sense Out of Autonomous Vehicle Claims

10 October 2013
Predicting the Ethical Dilemmas of Fully Autonomous Cars

6 August 2013
Delivered by Drones

19 July 2013
Medium / War Is Boring
Someone Just Built a Robot Sentry Gun

16 July 2013
Wall Street Journal
Driverless Car Experts At Stanford Address Ethical Dilemmas

20 June 2013
The Robots of War

12 June 2013
Medium / War Is Boring
China's Coming Drone Swarm

20 May 2013
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Militaries’ Growing Use of Ground Robots Raises Ethics Concerns

27 March 2013
Deutsche Welle (Germany)
Game of Drones

19 March 2013
PC Tech Magazine
The Dark Side of Computers

14 March 2013
ACM's Interactions
Humanoid (Robot) Hacking

13 December 2012
Robot Ethics: What's Morals Gotta Do With Machines

21 November 2012
io9: Social Science
How Modern Technologies Made the Fighting in Gaza Even Worse

13 November 2012
Robotics Business Review
The Cyborg Agenda: Extreme Users

31 October 2012
"Robot Ethics": Book Review

27 October 2012
National Public Radio (NPR)
When A Robot Comes Knocking On The Door

22 October 2012
The European (Germany)
Beautiful New Friends
(English translation here)

27 September 2012
Homeland Security Newswire
Technology Soon To Make Drones Deadlier, More Autonomous

23 September 2012
Global Post
Deadlier Drones Are Coming (Special Report: The Drone Age)

22 August 2012
io9: Futurism
Who Should Pay When Your Robot Breaks the Law?

9 August 2012
Stars and Stripes
Intelligent, Autonomous Robots Set to Change Combat Landscape

26 July 2012
Wall Street Journal (Japan)
Use of Unmanned Drones: Ask an Expert in Robot Ethics
(English translation here)

4 June 2012
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Book review of "Robot Ethics"

20 Mar 2012
Harvard Political Review
America, Drones, and the Future of Combat

22 Feb 2012
Boston Globe
Introducing Robot Ethics

12 Feb 2012
College Hill Independent (Brown University)
Manning the Unmanned: Taking a Closer Look at Drone Warfare

31 Jan 2012
Reuters (blog)
More Drones, More Robots, More Wars

5 Jan 2012
Robotics: Morals and Machines (book review)

5 Jan 2012
SLO New Times
Speaking Hypothetically (on technology ethics)

15 Aug 2011
Engineering & Technology
Drone Warfare and the Geneva Convention

9 May 2011
Wired Magazine (blog)
Killer Drone and Texan Philosophers

03 Mar 2011
Mustang Daily (Cal Poly)
Robots-and-Sex Lecture to Discuss Technology and Ethics

23 Feb 2011
SLO New Times
Do the Robot

7 Feb 2011
Press Release
Ethics Professor to Discuss Sex-Robots at Cal Poly on March 4
Are there limits in exploiting human psychology? Can we find love in machines?

12 Jan 2011
Press Release
US Naval Academy Professor to Discuss War Technologies and Ethics at Cal Poly
Do new technologies lower barriers to waging war? What is the “principle of last resort”?

January 2011
Popular Science
The Terminator Scenario: Are We Giving Our Military Machines Too Much Power? (cover story)

30 Dec 2010
The Next Web
Ethical Robotics and Why We Really Fear Bad Robots

17 Oct 2010
San Francisco Chronicle
Ability to 'See' Advances Artificial Intelligence

4 Oct 2010
National Public Radio (NPR): Talk of the Nation
Can Unmanned Robots Follow the Laws of War?

19 June 2010
The Times (UK)
Are Robot Cops a Potential Disaster?
Reality of Robocops (excerpt)

21 May 2010
The Times (UK)
Looming Era of Robot Conflicts Redefine Ethics, Rules and Art of War

3 May 2010
Mustang Daily (Cal Poly)
Professor Raises Questions on Science Fiction Becoming Reality

27 April 2010
Press Release
Ethics Professor to Discuss Military Technologies at Harvard University
Talks this spring include US Naval Academy, Cal Poly Science Café, local TEDx, others

5 April 2010
Mustang Daily (Cal Poly)
Stanford Law Professor Speaks About Neuroscience

1 April 2010
Will the RoboCops Rise by 2015?

23 February 2010
Times Live (South Africa)
Drones Hearld New Era in Warfare

17 February 2010
The Christian Science Monitor
New Role for Robot Warriors

8 February 2010
BBC News
Can Battlefield Robots Take the Place of Soldiers?

February 2010
Popular Mechanics
The 8 Evil Forms of AI That Gave Robots a Bad Name

February 2010
Popular Mechanics
The Uncertain Future for Social Robots

22 December 2009
Institute for Religion and Peace (Austria)
George Bekey on Ethics of Autonomous Robots

6 December 2009
Associated Press
Scientists, Lawyers Mull Effects of Home Robots

3 August 2009
London Daily News
"Terminators" on the Battlefield Could Pose Threat to Human Beings

1 June 2009
The Times (UK)
iRobot, Where the Terminator Is Coming to Life

June 2009
BBC Focus Magazine
Rise of the Machines (cover story)

22 Apr 2009
Killer Robots and a Revolution in Warfare

20 Mar 2009
Science Channel: Brink (episode 117)
Lead story on our military-robotics work—no link to video available

16 Mar 2009
Robot Madness: Preventing Insurrection of Machines

25 Feb 2009
NewScientist Magazine
Why Robots Can't Be Trusted With Weapons

25 Feb 2009
Fast Company (blog)
Teaching Ethics to Robo Warriors

24 Feb 2009
Encyclopedia Britannica (blog)
The Artificial Morality of the Robot Warrior

23 Feb 2009
Press Release
Cal Poly Researcher to Speak on War-Robots Panel at APPE 2009
Presentation to discuss benefits, ethics, and risk arising from military robots

23 Feb 2009
Beware the Killer Robots

23 Feb 2009
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology (blog)
The Ethics of Killer Robots

20 Feb 2009
ZDNet (blog)
The Terminator Scenario: Perhaps Not So Fictional After All

17 Feb 2009
The Times (UK)
Military's Killer Robots Must Learn Warrior Code

11 Feb 2009
The Mustang Daily (Cal Poly)
Cal Poly Faculty Explore Military Robotics Issues

2 Feb 2009
Wired's Danger Room
What's Next? Robot Rights for Battlefield 'Bots?

2 Feb 2009
Press Release
Ethics Report on Autonomous Military Robots Released
Cal Poly researchers examine risks and concerns related to new trend in warfare

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